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  • Parent/Guardian Information

  • YMIM COVID-19 Safety Procedures and Protocol

  • * Before any student can return all medicals must be updated. You will be informed about what is needed for return *

    All payments will be made through the app. No hand to hand exchange of money will occur. All medical forms or other necessary paperwork must be scanned, faxed, and or emailed.

    No direct face-to-face communication. All communication will be done over telephone, zoom and or through the ProCare app. Parent/Teacher conferences will occur through ZOOM. We are requesting all parents to be tested weekly for Covid-19.

    • All students must bring a change of clothes daily. They will be changed upon entering the building.
    • Handwashing will be done upon entering the classroom.
    • Face shields with head covering (provided by YMIM) will be worn throughout the day except for nap time and eating. There are sneeze guards at the tables.
    • Sneeze guards will be used during nap time when students are not 6 feet apart.
  • Student will be NOT BE allowed to enter the classroom if:

    • they don’t have a nose and mouth covering.
    • if parent or student has a fever, temperature of over 100 degrees or is showing signs of being ill.
    • Sunday evenings an email to prescreen for Covid-19 symptoms will be sent to you. Students will not be allowed to return to school without prescreening being sent back
    • No outside toys will be bought into the building.
    • No outside food (unless prior approval for dietary restrictions).
    • Breakfast, lunch and snack will no longer be served family style, it will be packaged and served in individually.
    • Students will not be allowed out of the building-no trips to the park, walks outside nor school trips.

    All bus service has been suspended until further notice.

    • All staff will change their clothing upon entering the building scrubs and smock provided by YMIM. Scrubs are not to be worn outside. Staff will attach a name tag to the upper left or right pocket so the public can see your ID. Please have hair covered in a net or a hat. The smock pocket must have a daily supply of the following items:
      1. 3-ounce bottle of hand sanitizer
      2. 3-ounce bottles of the bleach/water solution
      3. Gloves
      4. Paper towels
    • The daily temperature check will be taken by a co-teacher. Staff will send their temperature check to Ms. Priscilla via staff messages on Procare.
    • All staff must wear mask to enter the building
    • All staff will wear face shields for the day (no exception). When in proximity (arm’s length) with another individual, staff must wear their face shield and a mouth/nose cover.

    • All doorknobs, telephones, and other high frequency touched areas will be sprayed with bleach water solution after being touched.
    • Electrical devices such as the Smartboards, TV, and computers will be touched wearing gloves. Proper usage and disposal of gloves must be practiced with every use.
    • All soft fabric items, toys, and puppets will be removed from all centers and the clothing for dramatic play.
    • All toys will be sprayed with bleach made solution after every use.
    • At the end of the day, all toys and equipment will be cleaned at the close of business.
    • At the end of the day the entire room will be disinfected with the use of UV ray light. This a special machine that kills all germs within 700 sq. feet. this machine will be turned on at the end of the day. No one is allowed in the building while UV light is on.
    • There are 2 air purifiers for each room. Please always leave on, even when you have left for the day, turn off on Friday.

    • Teachers will be tested weekly for COVID. Any teacher showing signs of being ill or having a fever will immediately be removed and cannot return to work until cleared by a doctor. A doctor’s note must be provided upon return to work stating that the employee is deemed safe to return to work.
    • Weekly Covid-19 testing can be done at 165 Vanderbilt Ave. Across from the Post office in the parking lot is a tent. Do not go inside the building. Results will be emailed to the school within 48 - 72 hours. The best days to go for testing are Saturday and Sunday mornings. They open at 8:30 and start testing at 9:30. They close at 5 pm every day. There is a basic information form to hand in upon testing. We have the forms here at the school. Please have it already filled out prior to you go for testing. This will save you 2 hours’ worth of time. They may ask for insurance, but it’s not needed. The test involves a swab in the nose. You cannot change the email address on the form or on your account to your personal email. The school is notified when you take the test and the results.
    • To avoid contamination, teachers will not be allowed in another teacher’s class/ or comingle. In the co-teaching classroom, the two teachers will remain exclusive in the same room for the day.
    • To minimize risk, we ask, as much as possible, that you bring in items for your lunch/snack. In the event you go outside for your breaks, please follow the same morning.
    • procedure such as temperature check and change of clothing again you cannot wear your scrubs outside and come back in with them.

    All communication with management will be done electronically. If within arm’s length of a coworker, nose/mouth guard must be worn

  • Medical Consent release

    Young Minds in motion will contact your child’s Pediatrician for their medical records. Please provide:

  • Families:

    You will be billed on Fridays for payments due that Sunday which is for services for the following week. If no payment is made by Monday night, and no arrangements have been made, there will be no service until payment is made. Although your child is not allowed to attend while tuition is unpaid, you are still responsible for payment for the time they are not there. A bill will be sent to you via email and must be paid ONLY via the Procare app.

    Thank you
  • Young Minds in Motion Disciplinary Procedures & Policies

    A very important part of the preschool experience is helping children learn how to get along in the world, enjoy being with other children, and follow the direction of an adult other than their parent. A caring and positive approach will be taken regarding behavior management and discipline. The teachers will focus on the positive behaviors of the children and reinforce those behaviors as often as possible. Our goal is to help the children develop self-control and responsibility for their actions.

  • Discipline Procedures for disruptive behavior

    Level 1: Student and teacher discussion, and teacher’s procedure of notification to parent through Kinderlime and phone contact. Teacher discusses behavior with the student and student receives an infraction(s) based on their choice(s). Time outs and sitting out an activity.

    Level 2: Student and teacher discussion, student may possibly receive time to think about their choices, as well as teacher’s procedure of notification to parent through the class behavioral management program.

    Level 3: Once a child has served 3 time outs, or 3 parent notifications for behavior, a parent/teacher conference will be arranged to discuss positive solutions.

    Level 4: Parent meeting with administration.

    Level 5: Suspension –Depending on the infraction (one day up to 5 days).

    Level 6: Dismissal -When little or no change is evident, and school personnel have exhausted all available means to affect change, and/or the welfare of the other students is endangered, the student will be expelled. This decision rests with the school administration.

    Children cannot become self-disciplined unless adults teach them right from wrong. At Young Minds in Motion, children will be taught the expectations for correct behavior and encouraged to live and act accordingly. When children know something is wrong, and choose to do it anyway, consequences will follow to communicate that the behavior is not acceptable and will not be tolerated in our school.

  • Biting Policy

    Although it is not uncommon for very young children to bite, it is a behavior that is taken very seriously, and is strongly discouraged. When children are older than 24 months, biting is less common. Language is beginning to become the tool of choice, with “No!” and “Mine!” is used most frequently. These verbal warnings alert the teachers that it may be time to intervene, and redirect the playmates involved in another direction. When an older child bites, the preschool’s policy is:

    • 1st offense the child who bites will quickly be placed in “Time Out”, while the teacher comforts the child who has been bitten, and attends to cleaning the bite. Then, the teacher will return to “Time Out” and speak with the offending child about what has happened. The child is reminded that teeth are for eating food & smiling, not for biting. Both sets of parents will be told of the incident. The parent of the child that bit the other student will be asked to come and pick up the child for early dismissal.
    • 2nd offenseThe child’s parents will be asked to keep their child at home for 2 days and focus on helping the child understand that biting is unacceptable
    • 3rd offense removal from the program for the remainder of the school year.
  • Tuition Agreement Form

  • Tuition Agreement

  • Payment Schedules

  • Young Minds in Motion does not discriminate based on disability in the admission/access to our program.
  • Daily ProceduresAgreement

    Please initial each item below:

  • I agree to sign the school attendance log when my child arrives in the morning and again when he/she is picked up at the end of the day. No one under the age of 16 is allowed to sign my child in/out of the school.
  • Illness: I understand that I will be notified by school personnel if my child becomes ill during the day and I agree to make every effort to have my child picked up in a timely manner, as the health and safety of all children is of the utmost importance. If my child is exposed to or contracts a contagious disease, I agree to notify the school and I will make certain that he/she does not return to school without written permission from my child’s doctor.
  • Withdrawal from Young Minds in Motion: I have the right to withdraw my child from the program at any time; however, I understand that I must provide a 2-week written notice of withdrawal. If this written notification is not received I agree to pay all the tuition for the 2-week period. I understand that if I then choose to re-enroll my child, she/he will only be readmitted based upon space availability and at the current rate of tuition.
  • At the Director’s discretion, Young Minds in Motion has the right to ask a child to withdraw from our program. A a two-week written notice will be given for your child not to return for the following month.
  • Inclement Weather/School Closings: I understand that it is the Day Cares’ objective to be open during every regularly scheduled school day; however, there are some specific days during which the school will be closed (i.e. federal holidays). In addition, inclement weather and or natural/national disaster or major building issues may necessitate an immediate school closing. This will not affect my child’s tuition in any way.
  • Emergency Release and Authorized Escorts List

    To maintain the safety of your children, Parents/Guardians must complete, sign, and return this form to Young Minds in Motion upon enrollment. This form shall be updated periodically or when there are changes in the Emergency Release and Authorized Escort information.

  • To maintain the safety of your children, Parents/Guardians must complete, sign, and return this form to Young Minds in Motion upon enrollment. This form shall be updated periodically or when there are changes in the Emergency Release and Authorized Escort information.

    Only individuals listed below will be considered as designated emergency release persons. Government-issued ID will be required at the time of pick up. All release persons must be above 16 years of age. Please submit a photo ID of all individuals listed below.

  • Non-emergency contact persons that are to be designated as release persons:

    Only individuals listed below are authorized as designated release persons. Government-issued ID will be required at the time of pick up. All release persons must be above 16 years of age. Please submit a photo ID of all individuals listed below

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.