After-School Program

Program Overview

Is your child currently attending 3K, Pre-K, or Kindergarten?
Do they get out of school before you get home from work?
Are you afraid with blended learning, your child will fall behind?

We provide a Blended after-school program from 2:30pm to 5:30pm Monday through Friday that will help.

We realize your child needs to be with children their own age. Most after school programs have students up to the 5th grade and for a little one, this may be an environment they are not yet ready for. That is why we created a blended after-school program for students UP TO AGE 6. 

Its Blended because your child can attend the program on days they don’t go to school .Your child will get the help they need with their homework and classwork on days they are doing virtual learning as well as receive extra assistance on reading with our phonic program. We will provide a healthy snack and, center time where they will be able to burn off some of that extra energy before going home.