This place is awesome!

I love how the school keeps parents posted on what our child does during the day along with pictures and videos. The schedule they have for the kids helps them develop the skills they need for when they reach public school. Since my son started his verbal skills has got better, and looks forward to going everyday. The staff is friendly, and professional and willing to assist if your child has problems or provide you with the resources you may need to assist. I love YMIM and would recommend this place to anyone whose looking to build their child skills more and prepare them for what’s ahead.

Najah Johnson-Minter

Best School Ever!

Y.M.I.M is an amazing school, not just for my three-year-old but for myself as well. From the curriculum to the staff teaching my child something new each and every day. Allowing him to be his best self and putting his best foot forward. Very hands on and caters to my child’s every need. I’m so glad to have found this school that is just right!

Latifah Davis

I absolutely love this school

I absolutely love this school. My son has learned so much and he loves to wake up and go to school every morning. He is very happy and I grew to be so comfortable with all of his teachers and staff that watch my son throughout the day. I honestly have no worries. I’m so glad he is in young minds in motion

Khadeza Alford

The right school for your child and mine

I started YMIM in January. My daughter Mia was new to the school. I was nervous about my child starting a new school. YMIM made every effort to reassure me my child was safe and happy. YMIM sent me videos and pictures of my child happy, learning, playing and interacting with the kids and staff. YMIM sent me so much comfort regarding my child. Even the bus driver and staff are pleasant as well. My daughter happily waves good morning and goodbye to the bus driver and staff. I know I chose the right school for my daughter. My daughter came home one day with her classwork. She was able to recite all her animals and letters on her classwork. She is only 2 yrs old. My daughter comes home everyday looking forward to going to school. Also the school keeps you informed on what your child is learning and doing. They also care about your child’s progress moving forward now and towards the future!

Tamara Velez

Young Minds In Motion exceeded all of my expectations

I had a general idea of what type of school I wanted my son placed in, but when my husband and I did a walkthrough with young minds in motion we had no idea a school of this magnitude sat right in our neighborhood, ymim has an actual curriculum it’s not just all play all day my son learns something new every day, I also get updates on my child and what he is doing with pictures to put me at ease , one of the best decisions we have made was to put our child in ymim.

Raven Wilson

“Where Excellence is the Standard”

Where do I begin? As I was typing this Akaiah looked over my shoulder and read the screen out loud Young Mind’s in Motion.”. This in my opinion sums up the depth of change and growth in my 3 year old son. He is able to conceptually put things together and articulate it much better. This is the kind of program we need throughout the Black and Brown community .

Eric Flwming

Best Decision Ever!

Where should I begin? YMIM was the best decision I made! My daughter Amiliyah was born two months early and due to her being born early she wasn’t picking up too fast. When Amiliyah turned 2 within one year of her being at YMIM she is now able to have conversations with you. I couldn’t thank this school enough for being so patient and loving towards my daughter. As a first time mom I was very scared for my daughter to be in a daycare or any sort and YMIM made me feel like Amiliyah is well protected! I love this school and highly recommend.

Amanda Rodriguez

Young Minds In Motion is the Perfect School

My daughter loves going to this school!

My daughter has started to talk more now that she is in this school. She learns new things everyday. I know that in this school my daughter is going to learn new things, and I know they are taking care of her as I would. I like that they use this app “Kinderlime” so that I am able to know what my daughter doing throughout the day. This is the first year my daughter attends school and she loves it. I also feel good that my daughter likes the school because that way I know they are treating her well.

Ángela Osorto


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