AMAZING !!!!!!!

I say this with Passion,Happiness and Tears of JOY!!! This school has build my daughters Confidence up and Her Eagerness to learn new things including sign language which she comes home and teaches me…. This school has helped my daughters speech and she teaches me yoga moves that keeps us in shape.If I had to rate this school I give it a 1,000 !!!

Vanessa Guilty

I wish they had Kindergarten

Everything is done with love and care. Just amazing. Wonderful caring & loving teachers & staff. Everyone knows your child’s name. Its honestly the only way I was able to work during the pandemic and my son was able to continue school and give me some peace of mind in the process. He has learned Spanish & ASL. He has learned compassion & understanding. They took school and made it fun! My son graduated a couple days ago and that was amazing. The whole staff celebrated the children just amazing. Lol thats my word amazing. My son will always be YMIM!

Krystal Connor

Wish I would’ve found YMIM sooner

This daycare is an amazing place! The teachers are awesome and are absolutely incredible with my daughter. It’s wonderful seeing my child get excited about coming here every morning. The curriculum is structured and I can really see a difference in my child’s development after enrolling her. The best part of it all is that I am updated daily with my child’s activities using an application.
If I could give this school 10 stars I would!

Arlene Custodio

“Incredible school”

Young Minds In Motion is an outstanding school. The teachers are professional, loving and welcoming. They really helped my daughter blossom in her academics and social skills. She is no longer shy, and now is very outgoing The school provides daily updates on what my child was learning and what goals or skills that needs improvement.

Selena Garcia

I think y’all have taken

I think y’all have taken the time to understand what a child will need in education and doing it as a Village with love and one goal is the children. Seeing how important it is to y’all that made me love the school more. See the way my son felt like he was a student already and didn’t want to leave tell me its a perfect fit for him

Latoya Cadet

I am beyond grateful for this gem of a facility in my community!

Enrolling my child at Young Minds in Motion has been the most crucial decision I’ve made for his development. The amount of attention and effort put into my sons education, development, and overall well-being rids the guilt that can come with having to enroll your child in daycare. As a single parent I deeply appreciate the staff being so caring and amicable, and the Director, Eric really cares about the children’s success and has always been so accommodating and understanding. One of my favorite qualities of this facility their style if professionalism. While they maintain a very structured environment, they go about it in a inspiringly personable manner. Also, there is an app where each parent is updated constantly throughout the day about their child’s progress (I have attached a few photos that I’ve received from his teachers throughout the day). My child was enrolled in a different daycare for a year and a half and only after a month of attending YMIM he is able to identify every letter in the alphabet and his vocabulary is expanding more everyday. I couldn’t be happier and more grateful for this gem in my community!

Ratha Ali

Love love love

I have 2 children & I wish this school was open when my daughter was growing up. This is one of the best decisions I’ve made for my son, the staff/teachers are wonderful, I love the updates & pictures throughout the day, My son has learned so much from this school, I HIGHLY recommend!!!!!!!!!

Nimota Onabanjo

Best school we could’ve found for our son

First of all, during the pandemic my wife and I felt really worried about the safety of our child; visiting Young Mind in Motion for the first time gave us confidence and relief due to all the adaptions they did to keep the children safe; such as infrared thermometer, sanitizer on every door, stay school crocs and non contact sign in with their awesome app through your phone location. Safety covered.

I believe that every person has a hidden talent that must work on to discover such talent, everyday Young Mind in Motion provides different learning styles such as visual, social, logical, aural, verbal in many subjects like: arts, math, etc.

We weren’t aware of the “Gifted and Talented program” in the first meeting the owner Eric James mentioned the program to us and it’s importance so our child is not schoolzoned, and we can take control of his educational success.

Young Mind In Motion has been great. We feel so good that we chose them.

Cesar Ramirez

Best School Ever, We love it. ❤️❤️❤️

My son loves it there I can see the happiness on his face. He’s making friends and learning very fast in this place.

The staff is very friendly and responsible.

We love that we get to see everything he does daily thru the app. This place is just amazing.

Thank you for having us

10 out of 10




YMIM is an AMAZING facility!

I just recently enrolled my daughter here. It has only been about 2.5 months and I already see a difference in many areas. Her mannerisms, her counting, her sentences, her creativity. The staff is very warm and friendly which is so important in this field. They are understanding and have compassion for the children. The facility is always very clean. They have an amazing app that allows you to see everything your child is doing throughout the day. My daughter learned Yoga and now it’s something we do together. I am extremely happy with the services they are providing.

Christine R.

Absolutely love this school!

Absolutely amazing school! From the time you do your first tour, you are completely comfortable knowing your child will be in great hands. My daughter came home singing new songs and names of books she read. They keep everything clean and how I drop her off looking is how i pick her up looking. The teachers care for each child as if they are their own and, they keep parents updated with all transitions and activity your child does throughout the day on an app! It’s comforting to know I’m not missing out on any new activity she’s learning! Nothing but great things to say!

Gloria Soto

Happy to be a part of YMIM

The YMIN is a perfect combination of traditional and modern style of an early school with a touch of high tech for every parent convenience. Very highly organized from the informative websites to transparent newsletters and daily reports on a child’s day at school to up to an almost a minute activity shared via an app. When we attended an initial visit our son fall in love with school immediately. It’s wonderful furnishings in mind of a curious child, well organized and attractive to young eyes ( ours too).
Classrooms are equipped with many traditional toys, that one would say following a Montessori school philosophy as well as modern equipment such as smart boards and so forth. We like how teaching style incorporates visual, sensory and auditory senses for teaching, for example sand timers and musical cues for transitions with addition to a printed board routines.
YMIM are focused on early literacy, and that’s very important to us, we like to read and our son comes home with questions to read more. Great selection of new reading was presented in a latest newsletter, and we love to spend winter days reading…If I would have to summarize the one of the biggest asset is just opened new indoor gym for children. It’s functional from rock climbing, zip line, slides, obstacles course for strength and stability, agility ladder and plenty of room for speed training and energy burn. We are thankful to be part of YMIM.

Agnieszka Zbylut

Young Minds in Motion has

Young Minds in Motion has been a blessing to our family. As essential workers we were forced to place our daughter into a
program due to school closures. From the moment we stepped into YMIM on our tour, we were immediately impressed with the owner, the school set-up, the curriculum, the precautions against COVID 19, as well as, the security measures that are in place.
Once we left the tour to the day my daughter started she would ask everyday “when am I starting my new school.” From the first day she started she was never afraid to be left there. She has learned an abundance of things since she started. I am extremely impressed with the staff’s commitment and diligence. They take initiative with positive attitudes, when working with all students.
My absolute favorite thing is that we are updated throughout the day with all her activities. I love how each one of her teachers were all interested in learning about my daughter, prior to her starting YMIM. I look forward to having my two other children attend YMIM. I would highly recommend YMIM to anyone who is looking for a clean, safe, caring environment, with a hands-on learning experience for their children.

Kelly Reilly

Excellence with great accomplishments

I had always known I wasn’t making a mistake with the decision I took bringing my Son to YMIM school. They have proved me right. I will recommend this school to anyone. They encourage their students to learn and strive for excellence, I can only say thank you so much for what you do, you are a miracle come true.

Faith Olasoju

Love this school

From the moment you walk in for a tour you realize how amazing this school is. The director is about education and cleanliness however, you quickly realize your child will also be having fun. My son and I love this school. The staff is so loving and attentive. I love the secure updates throughout the app. Enrolling my son was the best decision I made. Thank you YMIM!!

Alicia Frizalone



Blanca Ferrer


Our children have been enrolled at Young Mind in Motion since birth, and we have loved our experience with both our children at this school. The teachers are wonderful, my kids have a ton of fun, and I can watch them grow and learn new skills and abilities.”

jazleen ferrer

If She Like It, I Love It !

Excellent teachers! Very courteous! Patient & very understanding! Young Mind In Motions is a great atmosphere. My daughter enjoys going there.

Ashley Williams

The best day care ever

I don’t know where to start from but all I can say is that I bless the day my cousin told me about this school and from day one I fell in love with the school and the teachers as well. My son love the school soo much that during drop off time, sometimes he is very impatient to enter the school!!!!!!

Nina Moore

Everyone has there own Everest, hopefully you have a good sherpa…

As I was looking for a place for my son to spend his days, I was looking for a school, not just a daycare. A place where he would begin to love education and learning and where the people providing him with care and guidance throughout the day would see the greatness in him. I was on the hunt for educational partners to support what I was teaching him at home, and to guide me on how to better prepare my child for the gifted and talented test. I found all of this and much more with the team at YMIM.

When I tried to show up at the door and request a tour, the receptionist told me to apply online and I would be invited for a tour. I appreciated this because it let me know that this process would keep my child safe once enrolled.
I had concerns about my son’s speech. The owners, educational director, and teachers helped calm my nerves about inviting an evaluator early intervention evaluators into my home. The evaluation was completed without incidents and I was given a detailed gauge of where my child was developmentally.

I am grateful for the quarterly parent-teacher meeting where I am given a report card on my child’s progress. I then know where to focus my work I do with him at home so that he is on track with his physical, spatial, and vocabulary needs.

I love that they use a digital app that allows me to get updates on what my son is learning and doing throughout the day. Images and videos and help gush over him just like I like. I like that I can send my son’s teachers notes via the app to keep them abreast of what is going on at home – this was great during the initial stages of potty training. Also, I like that I can pay for my son’s tuition weekly or monthly or via autopay via the app. I know this may sound like a rave review for the app, however, I think it provides insight into the thinking the owners are putting into every aspect of the parent-teacher connection.

Also, when I was in need of assistance to support my family, the staff of YMIM had community partnerships in place to receive child care vouchers and other services.

I could search for some cons, but honestly, they have been patient with me as a new mom and I have received the greatest gift which is my son’s safety and happiness. My son constantly says to me “I LOVE SCHOOL” and I hope I am able to find educational partners like this through his education.

Dafina L.

An Excellent School for Learning, Growth and Development

My Daughter started at Young Minds in Motion this year and it is an amazing school. I love this school and I know in my heart this was the best decision I ever made for my child’s’ education. Since day one, I noticed my daughter was extremely happy in the morning and at the end of the day. They offer an amazing app that lets you track your child’s activity throughout the day which gives me peace of mind and allows me to see all the amazing activities my daughter is engaged in. One thing I noticed is that Young Minds in Motion has a curriculum. They prepare the toddlers with fundamental skills too, like sharing and respecting others. They encourage children to learn and offer a very clean environment. Aside from the curriculum, they offer healthy and nutritious meals and snacks. All around, this school is great! I love this school and so does my daughter.

LaKeisha Myers

What a Wonderful School !!!

I cannot thank the staff of YMIM enough! When my daughter first started I was a little nervous on how she would adjust to being around new people, but from day one I was assured that Serenity would love it and she really does! Everyday she comes home and talks about the things that she has learned and can now pronounce her vocabulary and even speak in full sentences. She is a lot better when having a conversation with me or anyone else. Each day she is learning something new, which I absolutely love they constantly stimulate her mind 🙂

Monica Nunez

Young Minds In Motion is the Perfect School

My daughter loves going to this school!

My daughter has started to talk more now that she is in this school. She learns new things everyday. I know that in this school my daughter is going to learn new things, and I know they are taking care of her as I would. I like that they use this app “Kinderlime” so that I am able to know what my daughter doing throughout the day. This is the first year my daughter attends school and she loves it. I also feel good that my daughter likes the school because that way I know they are treating her well.

Ángela Osorto

Best Decision Ever!

Where should I begin? YMIM was the best decision I made! My daughter Amiliyah was born two months early and due to her being born early she wasn’t picking up too fast. When Amiliyah turned 2 within one year of her being at YMIM she is now able to have conversations with you. I couldn’t thank this school enough for being so patient and loving towards my daughter. As a first time mom I was very scared for my daughter to be in a daycare or any sort and YMIM made me feel like Amiliyah is well protected! I love this school and highly recommend.

Amanda Rodriguez

“Where Excellence is the Standard”

Where do I begin? As I was typing this Akaiah looked over my shoulder and read the screen out loud Young Mind’s in Motion.”. This in my opinion sums up the depth of change and growth in my 3 year old son. He is able to conceptually put things together and articulate it much better. This is the kind of program we need throughout the Black and Brown community .

Eric Flwming

Young Minds In Motion exceeded all of my expectations

I had a general idea of what type of school I wanted my son placed in, but when my husband and I did a walkthrough with young minds in motion we had no idea a school of this magnitude sat right in our neighborhood, ymim has an actual curriculum it’s not just all play all day my son learns something new every day, I also get updates on my child and what he is doing with pictures to put me at ease , one of the best decisions we have made was to put our child in ymim.

Raven Wilson

The right school for your child and mine

I started YMIM in January. My daughter Mia was new to the school. I was nervous about my child starting a new school. YMIM made every effort to reassure me my child was safe and happy. YMIM sent me videos and pictures of my child happy, learning, playing and interacting with the kids and staff. YMIM sent me so much comfort regarding my child. Even the bus driver and staff are pleasant as well. My daughter happily waves good morning and goodbye to the bus driver and staff. I know I chose the right school for my daughter. My daughter came home one day with her classwork. She was able to recite all her animals and letters on her classwork. She is only 2 yrs old. My daughter comes home everyday looking forward to going to school. Also the school keeps you informed on what your child is learning and doing. They also care about your child’s progress moving forward now and towards the future!

Tamara Velez

I absolutely love this school

I absolutely love this school. My son has learned so much and he loves to wake up and go to school every morning. He is very happy and I grew to be so comfortable with all of his teachers and staff that watch my son throughout the day. I honestly have no worries. I’m so glad he is in young minds in motion

Khadeza Alford

Best School Ever!

Y.M.I.M is an amazing school, not just for my three-year-old but for myself as well. From the curriculum to the staff teaching my child something new each and every day. Allowing him to be his best self and putting his best foot forward. Very hands on and caters to my child’s every need. I’m so glad to have found this school that is just right!

Latifah Davis

This place is awesome!

I love how the school keeps parents posted on what our child does during the day along with pictures and videos. The schedule they have for the kids helps them develop the skills they need for when they reach public school. Since my son started his verbal skills has got better, and looks forward to going everyday. The staff is friendly, and professional and willing to assist if your child has problems or provide you with the resources you may need to assist. I love YMIM and would recommend this place to anyone whose looking to build their child skills more and prepare them for what’s ahead.

Najah Johnson-Minter
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