Pre-School Program (Ages 2-5)

Program Overview

Our preschool program is structured as the first formal introduction to the “academic” learning for your child. We will focus on cogitative, social, gross motor, and fine motor skills, music appreciation, healthy living, fitness as well as dramatic play. It is with great enthusiasm that we will introduce our Project-Based learning technique to actively engage learning for a deeper knowledge of the subjects they’re studying. The key is to introduce various tools they will need for their future school and life experience, all tailored to their specific age.

They will learn to write their name, letters, count, tie their shoes , and be potty trained.

With the use of interactive technology, IPads, smart boards, tablets they will have the world at their fingertips.

The preschool activities found in our curriculum include imaginative play, music and social, art and academics, motor skill play through blocks and climbers, and cognitive development through introduction to the alphabet, puzzles, brain games and more.


Language Development

  • Verbalize name, age
  • Distinguish letters from number & words
  • Participate in project learning
  • Learn Sign Language
  • Understand and follow directions

Reading Readiness

  • Recognize and recreate all letters of the alphabet
  • Associate letters and sounds
  • Identify basic sight words
  • Write familiar words


  • Smart Table center
  • Computer center


  • Recognize and recreate number symbols 0 – 10
  • Match number set to number symbols 0 – 30
  • Develop understand of time
  • Collect and record date in lists and graphs
  • Identify times of day
  • Understand concepts of weather
  • Chess programs

Arts, Fitness & Music Appreciation

  • Dramatic play
  • Theater
  • Yoga
  • Sports training
  • Dance
  • Introduction to various musical composers