Testing Mom

Do you want your child to have a great elementary school education? The Department of Education has created a program called the Gifted and Talented program, G&T for short. This program is completely free and starts in kindergarten. 

If your child is accepted, they will be placed in a specialized school or be in a specialized classroom with a more challenging curriculum than the general education students. They will have a teacher that has training in teaching G&T students which is a higher level of certification then a general ED teacher. They receive separate funding for more opportunities for extracurricular activities and enrichment programs. These are just some of the benefits your child will receive by getting accepted to a G&T program. 

 So how does your child get accepted? They have to pass the G&T exam the January before they start kindergarten. Most students will be only 4 years old at that time of the test, so a high-end preschool education is important. 

 To help your child pass the exam we partnered with one of the nation’s best in G&T testing, Testing Mom. We are the only preschool on Staten Island to have this partnership.