First of all, during the pandemic my wife and I felt really worried about the safety of our child; visiting Young Mind in Motion for the first time gave us confidence and relief due to all the adaptions they did to keep the children safe; such as infrared thermometer, sanitizer on every door, stay school crocs and non contact sign in with their awesome app through your phone location. Safety covered.

I believe that every person has a hidden talent that must work on to discover such talent, everyday Young Mind in Motion provides different learning styles such as visual, social, logical, aural, verbal in many subjects like: arts, math, etc.

We weren’t aware of the “Gifted and Talented program” in the first meeting the owner Eric James mentioned the program to us and it’s importance so our child is not schoolzoned, and we can take control of his educational success.

Young Mind In Motion has been great. We feel so good that we chose them.

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