The YMIN is a perfect combination of traditional and modern style of an early school with a touch of high tech for every parent convenience. Very highly organized from the informative websites to transparent newsletters and daily reports on a child’s day at school to up to an almost a minute activity shared via an app. When we attended an initial visit our son fall in love with school immediately. It’s wonderful furnishings in mind of a curious child, well organized and attractive to young eyes ( ours too).
Classrooms are equipped with many traditional toys, that one would say following a Montessori school philosophy as well as modern equipment such as smart boards and so forth. We like how teaching style incorporates visual, sensory and auditory senses for teaching, for example sand timers and musical cues for transitions with addition to a printed board routines.
YMIM are focused on early literacy, and that’s very important to us, we like to read and our son comes home with questions to read more. Great selection of new reading was presented in a latest newsletter, and we love to spend winter days reading…If I would have to summarize the one of the biggest asset is just opened new indoor gym for children. It’s functional from rock climbing, zip line, slides, obstacles course for strength and stability, agility ladder and plenty of room for speed training and energy burn. We are thankful to be part of YMIM.

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