I started YMIM in January. My daughter Mia was new to the school. I was nervous about my child starting a new school. YMIM made every effort to reassure me my child was safe and happy. YMIM sent me videos and pictures of my child happy, learning, playing and interacting with the kids and staff. YMIM sent me so much comfort regarding my child. Even the bus driver and staff are pleasant as well. My daughter happily waves good morning and goodbye to the bus driver and staff. I know I chose the right school for my daughter. My daughter came home one day with her classwork. She was able to recite all her animals and letters on her classwork. She is only 2 yrs old. My daughter comes home everyday looking forward to going to school. Also the school keeps you informed on what your child is learning and doing. They also care about your child’s progress moving forward now and towards the future!